By Preethi Ravi, Journalist

May 18, 2023 | 3 min read

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In this episode of Performance Talks, we look at how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can help agencies design and deliver their most efficient campaigns.

AI and Machine Learning Concept

How can marketers ride the AI wave to improve marketing performance and control costs? / Adobe Stock

Vishal Thakur, programmatic director at Merkle Singapore, a Dentsu Company, has been experimenting with machine learning with a test and learn culture teaching the agency about reducing costs and improving efficiency for clients.

In a video series hosted by Meta, Thakur shares how he leveraged machine learning for a client in the banking space. Catch the full video on The Drum TV.

When comparing traditional campaigns and Advantage + campaigns, Thakur explains that the Advantage+ campaign outperformed the traditional campaign by reducing costs by 46% and lowering the buying cost by 30%. “These findings demonstrate the value of machine learning in effectively targeting end users.”

Additionally, Thakur emphasizes the importance of setting the right metrics definition for clients, conducting a holistic measurement across campaigns and implementing a test-and-learn culture to invest in what works well and try new things.

“We keep 80% of investment in things that are working well for us and 20% of investment to try out new things, which helps us to test either new creative messaging, new ways of bidding or new ways of planning campaigns,” says Thakur.

To learn more about machine learning campaigns and how they can bring more relevance and lower costs for your advertising campaigns, watch the full video on The Drum TV here.

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