By Audrey Kemp, LA Reporter

May 16, 2023 | 2 min read

The oat milk brand’s latest ‘Will it swap?’ episode takes over an Americana diner in Hammond, Louisiana.

Ever wondered if Southerners would enjoy oat milk-based jambalaya and crawfish fetuccini?

Oatly sought to find out in its latest installment of ‘Will it swap?,’ a YouTube cooking series that kicked off in September 2022 and gets various eccentric characters to swap dairy out for Oatly in their favorite recipes.

The latest episode, which went live yesterday, is described as “The great American Southern diner takeover” by the brand and takes place at a 1950s style restaurant called Lee’s Diner in Hammond, Louisiana. There, the brand approached regulars to see if they would be willing to try their go-to orders (French toast, milkshakes, jambalaya pasta and crawfish fettuccine), albeit with Oatly in the place of dairy milk.

Among them were the Caramel Curves, an all-female motorcycle club, a couple worried about getting “violently ill” from trying Oatly and a woman with a passionate disdain for hummus. Despite how hesitant they were, however, everyone seemed to equally enjoy their slightly altered recipes.

The ongoing project is spearheaded by Oatly’s editorial arm, which recently rebranded to become the Oatly Global Content Studio. It launched globally on Monday across YouTube and paid social.


Production: Oatly Global Content Studio

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