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Out Of Home Brand Strategy Digital Marketing

How can advertisers embrace the new age of consumer attention?

By Ian Darby, journalist

May 11, 2023 | 6 min read

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Interactive advertising is evolving at a rapid rate, providing opportunities but also bringing complexity for brands. A new webinar will discuss how advertisers and their agencies can benefit from streamlined platforms and processes to reach their audiences.

Connecting channels: untangling the complex web of digital media

Connecting channels: untangling the complex web of digital media

Interactive ads have existed in some shape or form for at least two decades now. But since their inception the world of digital media has become increasingly sophisticated and continues to evolve at a rapid rate.

Levels of integration are such that ad platforms are capable of combining technology and talent to provide advertisers with access to full-service media across connected TV (CTV), display, video, audio and out-of-home (OOH) advertising.

For instance, Infillion, a business which specializes in connecting brands with customers in real-time, says in its recent report Examining the New Customer Journey: “Instead of recreating the traditional linear marketing funnel and trying to dictate the customer’s path to purchase, this new approach prioritizes a customer’s individual experience across a range of touchpoints – both physical and digital.”

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That is exciting for advertisers and their media teams in terms of delivering a compelling blend of high levels of customer attention, creativity, trust and scale. Yet there are also concerns among agency and client teams surrounding the rising complexity of delivering connected digital campaigns against audiences.

This is especially problematic because in the eyes of these audiences, an ad is just an ad. They don’t know or care about the difference between display, social, search, native or OOH, but they do expect a seamless experience across all of them.

The question then arises of whether the process can be simplified to meet the needs of people being targeted. This is a challenge in terms of media industry structures – particularly for independent agencies. They don’t necessarily possess the resources of massive holding companies, but are more likely to take on full-service campaigns where the expectation is to connect everything on behalf of a brand.

This is a significant industry issue that was highlighted recently by Tim Nollen, a senior media tech analyst at Macquarie, who told the Wall Street Journal: “The complexity and the fragmentation that has only increased in the ad market over the last many years has actually just fed into the capabilities and the expertise of the ad holding companies.”

However, these holding companies needn't be the sole solution because new tools and tactics are emerging that simplify and streamline interactive advertising – bringing everything together in one place and removing complexity from the process.

Untangling the complex web of digital media

To debate these issues, The Drum’s senior reporter Kendra Clark will be joined by Christa Carone, president, Infillion and Carl Fremont, chief executive officer at performance marketing specialist Quigley-Simpson for a webinar that aims to untangle the biggest challenges around media complexity, and explore the essential solutions and opportunities to simplify, streamline and succeed in this fragmented media world.  

Themes covered will include:

  • The evolution of the media landscape, and the resulting impact on the role and expectations of media teams

  • Why media buying has become such a complicated process and the challenges for advertisers and agencies to overcome 

  • How audiences view the media landscape – do they really understand the difference between various types of ad?

  • What marketing and media teams can do to simplify the process

  • The benefits of an advanced media buying platform and what that looks like.

The discussion is set to provide a must-view guide for brands and agencies on addressing the growing complexity in the media process.

Register here to access the webinar.

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Out Of Home Brand Strategy Digital Marketing

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