By Ellen Ormesher | Senior Reporter

May 10, 2023 | 2 min read

Even the best of friends are reluctant to share their nuggets in the latest McDonald’s spot.

McDonald’s is celebrating 40 years of sharing Chicken McNuggets by inviting the nation to decide who is #McNuggetWorthy.

With a rare focus on gen Z, the campaign is based on the insight that even the best of friends won’t share their nuggets easily and features a 30-second ad created with Leo Burnett and directed by Sam Brown of Rogue Films.

The spot begins with a girl enjoying a box of McNuggets before her best friend approaches her. In tribute to their long-lasting friendship, the two girls embroil in an epic handshake inspired by Manga cartoons, before we find ourselves back in reality, and the friend attempts to grab a McNugget. The girl holding her box of McNuggets instinctively pulls away, and the film ends with the voiceover: “They might be your bestie, but are they #McNuggetWorthy?”

Andrew Long and James Millers, creative directors at Leo Burnett UK, said: “There are friends, and then there are the friends you’d actually share a McNugget with. So what better way to celebrate the 40th Birthday of McNuggets than with a bold, fun, populist campaign which asks fans to put their friendships to the test in a whole new way ‘Are They #McNuggetworthy?’”

Targeted at a predominantly gen Z audience, #McNuggetWorthy has a heightened emphasis on social channels including TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter to land the #McNuggetWorthy idea.

McDonald’s will invite fans to decide who is worthy of their McNuggets with the ‘McNuggetWorthy Scale’, putting gen Z at the heart of the debate with a LadBible partnership, secured by OMD UK. Asking the audience which acts of friendship they deem McNuggetWorthy, LadBible Group will be seeding the McNuggetWorthy messaging throughout social, encompassing talent engagement and original content.

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