By Amy Houston | Senior Reporter

May 10, 2023 | 2 min read

It’s for the Canadian-American actor’s Mint Mobile brand, which prides itself on being able to keep low prices in spite of inflation.

Hollywood celebrity and adland favorite Ryan Reynolds has enlisted the breakout name from Amazon’s mockumentary Jury Duty – Ronald Gladden. In the short commercial, the Deadpool actor assures a reluctant Gladden that despite his trust issues after being duped into his recent role as America’s favorite juror, he can rely on him.

Giving the reality star a hug, Reynolds professes: “You can trust me. I’m an actor,” as Mint Mobile’s deal pops up on the screen. Despite the rising cost of pretty much everything, the mobile network operator has proudly been able to keep its rates starting at $15 per month.

Part of the T-Mobile network in the US, Mint Mobile was founded in 2016 and Reynold’s ad agency Maximum Efforts has been behind all of its slightly tongue-in-cheek style ads.


Agency: Maximum Effort

Photo Credit: Eli Marias

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