By Amy Houston | Senior Reporter

May 5, 2023 | 2 min read

The razor brand wants to celebrate the inner confidence a good shave can bring.

Viewers are taken into a beige office meeting setting where a younger colleague begins to peel a satsuma. Transfixed by the person’s efforts, an older exec becomes obsessed with his pristine technique and tells everyone about it.

It’s part of the brand’s new ‘Feel Good, Fellas’ platforms that wants to hype up the everyday man. It positions a good shave as a craft worthy of accolades.

Harry’s is also on a global social mission to support organizations who a shared commitment to providing mental health access for men and has donated over $12.5m to support this since the brand launched.

Ben Dancer, director of brand marketing at Harry’s commented: “In a world that’s dictating how men should be and what they should look like, Harry’s celebrate guys who carve their own path and make choices that work best for them. We’re proud to be partnering with The Or, who – through our new creative brand platform – has grasped this sentiment of championing inner confidence perfectly through simplistic everyday wins.”

This is the first campaign for the brand from The Or who became Harry’s lead creative agency in the UK last November.

Charlene Chandrasekaran, executive creative director at The Or, added: “For our first campaign for Harry’s, we wanted to adopt the light-hearted nature of the brand to shine a light on the idea that a good shave is central to how you feel, not just how you look. The confidence in peeling a satsuma in one felt like the perfect way to depict the ‘Feel Good, Fellas’ message; a small everyday win that can leave a lasting impact.”

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