By Preethi Ravi, Journalist

May 4, 2023 | 3 min read

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Welcome to Performance Talks, a new global video series by Meta. In the series, we hear from businesses about their marketing priorities, the industry trends making an impact and the Meta tools they use to grow.

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With the rise of new platforms and technologies, how can advertisers engage customers effectively? / Charles Deluvio

In this inaugural episode of Performance Talks, we look at how agencies can achieve marketing effectiveness with the Advantage+ app campaigns, branded content ads and the best solutions for lead generation clients.

Kabeer Chaudhary, managing director APAC at M&C Saatchi Performance, has been experimenting with emerging channels and diversifying creative formats for clients. Creative ad formats, including reels and branded content, show promise in boosting campaign efficiency as the agency adopts Meta solutions.

“As the economic slowdown hits in 2023, advertisers are asking for help with unit economics and return on ad spend (ROAS),” says Chaudhary.

With the rise of new platforms and technologies, advertisers are also looking for guidance on how to effectively reach and engage audiences on these emerging channels. The video series hosted by Meta, discusses how advertisers can ensure that their ads are being seen by real people in a safe, appropriate environment. Catch the full video on The Drum TV.

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Diversifying creative formats and focusing on performance to boost success is the strategy that M&C Saatchi Performance has adopted. “We use Meta’s Conversion API to bridge the gap in the pipeline and obtain platform-specific data,” says Chaudhary.

“Reels, click-to-messenger and the Advantage+ app campaigns have been effective for us, with branded content ads being the best, yielding over 20% more efficiency than non-view content (VC) ads,” he adds.

To provide incrementality-based measurement, the agency approaches measurement with short-, medium- and long-term optimization. “Short-term measurement involves analyzing campaign dynamics, while medium-term measurement involves monthly to quarterly optimization based on incrementality,” says Chaudhary. “Long-term measurement involves media mix modeling and requires collecting 12 to 18 months of data to create models for understanding business numbers in relation to marketing return-on-investment (ROI).”

To learn more about how to gain efficiencies in marketing campaigns with the Advantage+ app campaign and to hear M&C Saatchi’s framework for testing, which includes three pillars: creative, bid type and targeting, check out the full video on The Drum TV here.

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