By John Glenday, Reporter

April 25, 2023 | 2 min read

The beer brand is combating ageism in the drinks market with the launch of Beck’s 70+, a beer specially formulated for mature drinkers.

Promising pensioners more intense bitterness to compensate for aging taste buds the limited edition drink ensures that senior customers can enjoy the same Beck’s flavor irrespective of what their birth certificate says.

Launching at the Gop Tun Festival, the product will be given the ultimate taste test when VIP drinkers aged 70 and over are given the chance to sample the beer for the first time.

Rodrigo Barbosa, creative director at AKQA, commented: “With new behaviors in everyday life, maturity takes on a different meaning in today’s society. The idea of aging well, which used to be limited to a younger appearance, without wrinkles or grey hair, has gained new meanings. Today, aging well is being able to continue enjoying all the most delicious experiences in life – including a great beer. It is a dialogue with the pro-aging culture movement, which understands that age does not limit people’s desires and aspirations.”

Expressly prohibited for sale to anyone under the age of 70 the beer includes custom grey packaging and is promoted by a Superbad spoof in which the famous ‘McLovin’ scene from the 2007 Jonah Hill comedy switches Christopher Mintz-Plasse for an older actor.

To enforce the age restriction, Beck’s has launched an e-commerce site where prospective customers can upload proof of ID to purchase.


Client: AMBEV

Brand: Beck’s Beer

Agency: AKQA

Image Production: We Are Sicarios

Audio Production: Hefty Audio

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