By Audrey Kemp | Junior Reporter

April 5, 2023 | 2 min read

The adtech company’s latest work blends ambient music, an ASMR voiceover from Ryan Reynolds and aerial landscape shots to encourage marketers to sit back, relax and use its platform.

Ryan Reynolds’s adtech Mntn (pronounced ’Mountain’) today released a trio of spots with both soothing and comedic undertones.

The work, developed by Reynolds’s creative agency Maximum Effort, comprises three 30-second ad spots: ‘Swimming with Jellyfish,’ ‘Hyper-targeted Relaxation’ and ‘Destress. Adjust. And Optimize.’ Each is meant to convince marketers that Mntn works hard so they don’t have to.

The spots also seem to take a page from the playbook of popular relaxation content, like ASMR or guided meditation. Not only does each spot feature atmospheric music and aerial shots of vast landscapes, but Reynolds himself relays his company’s offerings in a distinctly soft-spoken voice.

In ‘Destress. Adjust. And Optimize,’ for example, he whispers the following: “At Mntn, we want marketers to destress. That’s why we show them their return on ad spend in real-time, so instead of wasting worry, they can adjust, optimize and spend with confidence.”

However, each spot takes an absurdist turn. Later in the ’Destress’ ad, Reynolds continues: “You should worry about bears, though. I can’t prove one stole my wallet once, but he was super sus.”

The spots are currently running across social channels.


Agency: Maximum Effort

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