By Danielle Long, Acting APAC Editor

March 15, 2023 | 6 min read

Gender-fluid Thai actor, model and singer, PP Krit, is the face of a powerful new campaign from Thailand's First Choice, which imagines a world where labels are obsolete, and people refuse to be stereotyped.

The campaign, which was created by Leo Burnett Thailand, is targeting a new generation of consumers, who think, feel, act, and love differently from previous generations and possess inclusive and limitless ideas, beliefs and values. And they expect the same values from the brands that they select.

The First Generation campaign features PP Krit, an inclusion advocate who is known for portraying diverse characters in TV films and music videos. In the First Choice campaign, Krit portrays an AI-generated human who represents an inclusive future.

“The beliefs and attitudes of younger generations in Thailand are shifting," says Athip Sinpagekan, EVP head of marketing at First Choice. "Everyone wants to be accepted, no one wants to be judged, yet very few brands in Thailand have been bold enough to stand up for a more inclusive future. Inspired by PP Krit’s own story as someone who is always true to himself, we are reminding people that First Choice’s products and services are tailor-made to support the lifestyle, ambitions and dreams of this generation, and the next one, too."

First Choice targets younger consumers with credit card products that offer benefits such as credit health checks, spending controls, no annual fees (when spending as specified), year-round benefits, bonus points and cash-back rewards. The campaign aims to position the brand as a supporter of a more inclusive future in a bid to engage this new generation.

"First Choice wants to reinforce and to own the positioning of credit cards for the new generation," Sarut Yungcharoen, group creative director at Leo Burnett Thailand tells The Drum.

"The beliefs and values of young generations are shifting. They embrace more diversity and celebrate individualism. But sometimes, they can’t avoid social judgement that makes them feel excluded. Therefore, First Choice wants to stand for diversity in society and support their courage in fighting for an inclusive future.

"We believe that the new generation is more likely to endorse and trust in a brand that shares the same beliefs and values as them. Thus, we have to show them that we are ready to support and stand for them exactly as they are, regardless of what they believe or what they are into. These have been shouted out through the communication," says Yungcharoen.

The campaign comes at a challenging time for a bank brand as the rising cost-of-living crisis and economic uncertainty leave all consumers, but particularly young people in a cautious state. Add to this the highly competitive nature of Thailand's financial and banking category, where strict regulations have created a sea of sameness and the brand's strategy is clear.

"The challenge is to win share-of-heart to become top of mind to justify the brand choice, especially for the new generation," says Yungcharoen.

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"Financial brands tend to be quite conservative because they need to build brand credibility, but the First Choice brand is brave enough to break the norm of this category in order to get into consumers’ hearts. We create communications that show the same belief and values as consumers’, even if other brands may not be brave to do that."

The campaign is a progressive stance for a financial brand, however, it is not the first time that First Choice has pushed the boundaries on the typically conservative category.

Last year the brand attracted global attention for its ‘Metaverrrrrr’ campaign which parodied the idea of filming a commercial in the metaverse just as hype surrounding the metaverse was growing. The campaign not only won over young consumers it also attracted praise - and trophies - from the very people it was mocking at Cannes.

"First Choice has always been a progressive brand that always disrupts category conventions with both product features and communication approaches.

"As consumers keep evolving, so does First Choice. Being first takes courage but the brand will always try to be the first to introduce new ideas to society with its products, services, and communications," adds Yungcharoen.

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