By John Glenday | Reporter

March 7, 2023 | 2 min read

Doritos is firing up a new partnership with Burger King by flame-grilling a billboard ad in honor of the fast food chain’s famed charcoal flavor.

The controlled conflagration saw a 48-sheet hoarding go up in flames in front of a Burger King outlet sporting the tagline ‘Flame Grilling since 1954’.

Backed by a YouTube film and social activity, the elemental campaign proved to be an instant hit among restaurant goers who warmed themselves up in front of the combustible advert.

A spokesperson from Doritos said: “People often say there’s no smoke without fire and a few onlookers started to put two-and-two together. We wanted to make a statement and it’s certainly grabbed people’s attention as we’ve seen on social media.

“Our collaboration is something only few would expect, and we look forward to many more being surprised in the coming days following the launch of our Flame Grilled Whopper chips, as they taste so similar to the real thing. The triangle Whopper is here!”

Coinciding with the launch of Flame Grilled Whopper flavor Doritos, the fire stunt brought weeks of heated social media speculation to a close in a stunt masterminded by Splendid Communications.

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