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The weird, the woke and the wacky: the Chip Shop Awards categories for 2023

By Hannah Liddle | Copywriter

February 17, 2023 | 10 min read

From the best ad that’s most likely to get us in deep shit to the best campaign from the future, we unveil the categories for this year’s Chip Shop Awards.

The Drum Chip Shop Awards ad with ice cream melting for Ben & Jerrys to show global warming

The Drum Chip Shop Awards

Every year, the Chip Shop Awards rolls out brand-new categories. And every year, we get super stoked to hear what the big brains behind the fryers have come up with.

In the past, these have ranged from ‘funnier in the pub’ to ‘flogging a dead horse’ and this year the unconventional, controversial categories continue to get past our legal team. Don’t ask how.

So, let’s look at the 2023 categories.

Best ad that’s most likely to get us in deep shit

The ones with curse words. The ones that go a bit too far. The ones your boss didn’t agree to. And the ones that will probably get the Chip Shop Awards canceled.

Best ad based on a topical event

A lot is happening out there in the big, bad world and this category is for those who are inspired by topical events and want to draw awareness. Or maybe just poke some fun at it.

Best ad for a category we have not yet thought of

Here’s where you can really let your imagination run wild. What haven’t we thought of? What would really blow the lid off this awards show?

Best ad for a relative or friend

Got a message for your friend but don’t know how to tell them? Is your mom giving you stick for doing a creative job instead of accounting like your brother? This is for you.

Best shop window postcard

Like a classic chip shop poster, we want to see your window ads. Last year, this award went to Stein IAS for its ‘Brace Yourself’ Campaign for Invisalign. No copy here, just bold and imaginative visuals. As the great Ronan Keating once said, ‘you say it best when you say nothing at all’.

Post-it notes replicate braces in a shop window for Stein IAS campaign

Best ad most likely to help humanity

It’s all fun and games, but every now and then we like to get a bit serious. You can’t joke about helping humanity. Sorry, that’s where we draw the line. Or is it?

Best ad that was rejected by a client

Your client will be kicking themselves when they see your work in all its Chip Shop Awards glory. Then you can really tell them where to go stick it.

Best ad that will get you hired

Get a raise. Get that job. Enhance your portfolio. Become the boss. Fire your boss. Say yes to all those crazy proposals. Change marketing for the good.

Best ad without a visual

Copywriters, this is your moment. Finally. No more hearing ‘can we now add the creative to the copy?’ We are the creative. Now’s your time to shine, my friends.

Best campaign from the future

Take a stab at what the future holds. And don’t worry, you need a DeLorean or a crystal ball for this one. Though it might help if you can get your hands on one.

Best vandalism of an existing ad

Know an existing ad that could do with a refresh? Last year, this award was picked up by CLR Mold and Mildew Remover (yeah, you read that right) for its ‘Umoldy the Whopper’ ad.

An empty food stand with a black background for CLR Mold and Mildew Remover campaign

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Best campaign from the past

We’ve had a glimpse into the future – and it’s not pretty. Let’s put this baby into reverse and get creative with some blasts from the past.

Best campaign to promote the Chip Shop Awards next year

The best on the menu. Show why the Chip Shops are the real deal (they’re hilarious and free-spirited) and why everyone should enter next year (you could win a really cool award).

Best charity

Got a charity close to your heart? Create a winning campaign and show it some love. You may even get some donations thrown your way.

Best use of honesty

We all know honesty is the best policy, but can you believe there are still people out there lying to us so that we’ll buy their shit? Let’s put an end to it once and for all.

Best use of bad taste

Literally. Metaphorically. You choose. Last year, this award went to Gusto for Heinz for its ‘Perfect 365 Days of the Year’ ad. It showed an outraged family on Christmas Day as someone squirted ketchup all over their Christmas dinner. Filthy behavior.

Man holds his head crying in an ad for Heinz

Best use of celebrity

Got Kendall Jenner on speed dial? Get her involved. Just make sure it’s better than that Pepsi ad.

Best suggestion for a new Chip Shop Awards name, that will not need to be explained to people every five minutes

Pretty self-explanatory. We’re sick of people asking us ‘why Chip Shop?’ So go ahead, see if you can do one better. Bet you can’t. If you can, we’ll give you an award.

Best plagiarism or adaptation of existing work

We promise you won’t get sued for this one. If you do, you can use our lawyers. (We don’t have any lawyers).

Most woke

We really don’t want the Chip Shop Awards to get canceled, so we threw this category in for good measure. Over to you, millennials.

Best work created by a non-human

This is your time to get creative and collaborative with AI and chatbots. Wow, even just writing that makes me feel like we’re living in the Matrix.

Best concept that seriously should run in the real world

Wondering why your idea hasn’t run before? There’s probably a reason. Give it a go at the Chip Shop Awards, then you’ll really know if it sucks or not.

Best use of satire

Satire: noun. The use of humor, irony, exaggeration or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

So now you have a flavor of what’s to come and the type of campaigns our judges are expecting. And speaking of, you’ll soon get to meet our Chip Shop Awards jury, so stay tuned.

And if you still haven’t registered, what the hell are you doing? Sign up today. You’d be a fool not to.

For an early bird discount, you have until Thursday, February 23 to enter. The official deadline is Thursday, April 6.

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