By John Glenday, Reporter

February 7, 2023 | 2 min read

Breakfast brand Kellogg’s is pulling out all the stops for the launch of a new salted caramel edition of its Crunchy Nut brand, by reinterpreting the established 'the trouble is they taste too good' tagline as a catchy ditty.

‘Obsessed’ by Leo Burnett depicts a super fan willing to forego anything for a bowl of Crunchy Nut, preferring a private spoon all to herself than spooning with a partner.

Drawing on exaggerated scenes of cereal obsession for comedic effect the humorous bedroom scene is the first of a series of commercials over the coming weeks that illustrate the distracting effect a Crunchy Nut addiction can have on your nearest and dearest.

Sarah O’Brien, Crunchy Nut’s marketing manager, said: “The trouble is… when Crunchy Nut is always on your mind, nothing and no one matters more. We leaned into the naughty side of the brand, creating a comedic series of films, engaging our adult target audience through comedy.”

Mark Elwood, executive creative director at Leo Burnett UK, adds: “Our aim for this work was to crash Crunchy Nut’s iconic line into pop culture… what better way to do this than using humor and a ridiculously catchy, meme-able jingle?”

Shared via video on demand, TikTok and Instagram, each video emphasizes a roguish charm in pursuit of its target adult audience.

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