By Amy Houston | Senior Reporter

January 25, 2023 | 2 min read

Sometimes a burger is just too hard to resist, even if you’re a fashion model or scholar.

McDonald’s Latvia has released a trio of films a part of its new ‘Poker Faces’ campaign, with each ad focusing on a character who considers themselves above eating nuggets or burgers.

Just like the rest of us, however, sometimes the craving for greasy food takes over and not even the hippest among us can deny themselves a salty snack.

In the first spot, viewers see an intellectual named Vilhelm whose very important thoughts are interrupted by an advert for a Maccy D’s meal. The second features Tom, whose gothic demeanor doesn’t equate with the joyfulness of fast-food, and, finally, there’s fashion model Angela, who simply cannot fathom the temptations of French fries. It’s a bold move, opting to focus on an audience who aren’t often targets for the brand.

Over in the UK, the chain recently made waves with an ad campaign that relied on distinctive brand assets but didn’t actually show its food or restaurants.


Agency: TBWA\Latvia

Creative director: Edgars Stanga

Assistant director: Inta Brunina

Account direction: Kristine Kalnina, Kristina Bevalde

Production: Film Angels Productions Ivo Ceplevics Katrina Kreslina

Director: Janis Nords

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