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The biggest myths of in-housing & how to overcome them

January 16, 2023 | 3 min read

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AAR's In-Housing Playbook separates fact from fiction and offers strategies for senior marketers to get the most out of their teams.

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AAR shares essential insight and advice to senior marketers on the myths surrounding in-housing

In-housing is a well-established part of many marketing operations. More brands are exploring how in-housing can enhance their marketing function, with in-house studios and agencies becoming commonplace in many marketing ecosystems.

But myths and misconceptions exist that can make in-housing more challenging than it should be, or prevent in-house teams from reaching their full potential. AAR even found that many CMOs who have moved part of their ecosystem in-house said they were considering moving some or all aspects of their model externally again.

But what are these myths? How can brands sort fact from fiction? What can senior marketers do to ensure they in-house the right capabilities, in the right way, to drive performance and efficiency?

These are the questions that AAR’s new In-Housing Playbook aims to answer.

Based on quantitative and qualitative insights from over 100 CMOs and in-house agency leaders, the playbook provides essential insight and advice to provide senior marketers with a deeper understanding of the myths surrounding in-housing, and strategies they can use to overcome these misconceptions and get the most out of their teams.

The myths explored in the playbook cover a broad spectrum of common concerns - from the notion that ‘no great creative work gets made in-house’ to the fear that ‘in-house teams struggle to recruit and retain creative talent’.

The report features insights and data that highlight just how common these misconceptions are, and just how different the reality of effective in-housing can be, with key topics including:

  • Why in-housing is such an important topic at the moment

  • Quantitative and qualitative data on in-housing, from a variety of sources

  • Deep dives into five of the most common myths surrounding in-housing

  • Insight on where these myths come from, and the impact they can have on the marketing ecosystem

  • Practical tips and advice for CMOs and in-house leaders on how to overcome these myths.

If your organization currently has or is considering an in-house agency, studio, or team, then The In-Housing Playbook is an essential guide to overcoming common challenges.

Marketing Brand Strategy Advertising

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AAR works with brands to design marketing ecosystems, build inspiring agency partnerships and drive commercial performance across in-house, in-sourced and out-sourced models.

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