By Audrey Kemp, LA Reporter

January 12, 2023 | 2 min read

Young teens educate the elderly about the power of digital literacy in Comcast’s latest film.

Comcast says the internet is for everyone, including the population the least familiar with it: seniors.

In a 90-second film entitled ‘The age of connectivity,’ the American telecommunications company brings together two generations – teens and seniors – to underscore the fact that there’s room for everyone to succeed in a digital world.

The film documents teens from a Boys & Girls Club in Detroit as they play the roles of “digital navigators“ for seniors at the St. Patrick Senior Center. As you age, “you lose your friends, your family moves away, so you don’t have the connection that people need,“ one woman says in the ad.

The teens then equip the seniors with the knowledge and resources needed to confidently discover and navigate the internet – a boundless antidote to their loneliness.

According to the brand, both the Boys & Girls Club and St. Patrick Senior Center are part of Comcast’s Lift Zones program, one of many that aims to provide free digital resources to underserved communities nationwide.

’The age of connectivity’ can be found on Comcast’s corporate site and TikTok page as well as the company’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

In addition, with the help of Comcast and VaynerMedia, the Senior Center launched its own dedicated TikTok profile to further showcase the longstanding effects of this project. Going forward, the Senior Center will run the account independently.

This campaign was led by Comcast’s agency partner, VaynerMedia and production was managed by Eva Nosidam Productions.


Agency: VaynerMedia

Production company: Eva Nosidam

Color: Company 3

Audio mix: TJ Dumser Sound

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