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ChatGPT was just the beginning – AI tools will soon revolutionize agency work

By Geoff Renaud, CMO

January 9, 2023 | 5 min read

Competitive creative agencies are embracing artificial intelligence, not fearing it, writes Invisible North’s Geoff Renaud.

A person writting on a laptop. Only their hands are visible.

AI tools like ChatGPT could help cut agency running costs, writes Geoff Renaud / Adobe Stock

The dawn of the artificial intelligence (AI) era for creative agencies is upon us and it will represent a massive sea change in how work is produced forever. Agencies will all soon be using readily available and easy-to-adopt smart-copy generation tools like Jasper for content creation, hyper-charging SEO results with Surfer and making royalty-free music for campaigns with platforms like Boomy. At Invisible North, we’re keeping a close watch on the arrival of these new tools, their capabilities and how we can use them across creative and technical departments using Futurepedia, an aggregator of top AI platforms.

By using AI to automate outputs and shrink hours needed for tedious tasks, deliverables will get done faster, more efficiently and minimize costs for agencies and their clients. While human editing and oversight for most of these tasks will be required in the near-term, data is the prime currency for these tools and machine learning will rapidly compound results as usage increases and these new tools improve at an incredible pace.

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Soon, go-to modern work platforms like Notion, Figma, Slack and Loom will have hyper-intelligent AI-powered assistants built in to supercharge productivity. We can expect to see entirely new platforms emerge in our daily lives, expediting teams’ creative capacity and creating major efficiencies around how work gets done.

There will be a race between independent upstarts and giants like Nvidia, Google and Adobe to bring first-moving tech to market and we will see an acquisition frenzy as these players look to maintain their dominance. We’re already seeing a massive shift in emerging tech VC funding away from the last web3 and metaverse hype cycle and into AI tools with immediate product market fit and user adoption.

Every key area of brand and agency marketing will have a stack of tools to choose from to enhance performance – from support onboarding and training teams to content creation, moderation and better tracking and reporting. Before long, our work environments will be populated by digital avatars that can speak in natural voices and train staff, present work to clients and brief teams with minimal human oversight.

At Invisible North, we’ve been investing in and advising several future-forward AI platforms that strengthen and expand our offering to clients. One we’re particularly excited about is Atlas, which will soon be out of stealth mode and have a massive impact on the way virtual work environments are created. Atlas allows anyone to build no-code 3D gaming, virtual work and metaverse environments through simple language commands.

Beautiful, realistically rendered 3D worlds are quickly generated by inputting a few keywords and can be plugged into any compatible virtual platform. You can tell Atlas that you would like a Zaha Hadid-inspired pyramid made of pink translucent diamonds, floating in the clouds, and you will have a handful of iterations generated and ready to be dragged and dropped into these worlds within seconds.

We’re also developing an AI-driven, gamified learning platform to help client and agency teams interact in virtual spaces as avatars and compete against each other. Top teams will be rewarded while becoming educated on new products and features their company may be offering – an amazing tool for sales teams and beyond.

The virtual future is here and as creative marketers learn to harness the power of AI tools, there is going to be a tidal wave of innovation, including an influx of skilled marketers jumping to nascent startups to help drive the industry forward.

The rapid adoption we’ve recently seen is exciting, overwhelming and inevitable. The faster teams immerse themselves in these emerging technologies, the larger their competitive advantage will be. Keeping pace will be table stakes and having a finger on the pulse of what’s being built and funded will help you become even more adept at being a step ahead of your competition. One thing is for certain, if you don’t do it, you can bet the robots will.

Geoff Renaud is the chief marketing officer and co-founder of New York agency Invisible North.

Artificial Intelligence Agencies Agency Culture

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