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Why Vodafone created an interactive event to boost employee engagement


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December 9, 2022 | 6 min read

The 10 Group won at The Drum Awards for Content 2022 in the Best Internal Content Marketing Strategy/Campaign for its Vodafone campaign. Here, we find out more about what went into this successful campaign.

Vodafone AMP'D vision of the future campaign

Vodafone AMP'D vision of the future campaign

In order to adapt to a changing consumer environment, telecommunications company Vodafone, had recently begun the shift from a telco provider to a tech-co company. Their goal of connecting everyone and all devices seamlessly began within their own company. They wanted to include their employees on the developing journey, so they developed an interactive, live-streamed event that engaged, educated, and entertained their employees.

The brief

Vodafone knew their company was in a transitional period and needed to educate employees about the upcoming changes, as well as involve them in the process. They felt the gap between employees and the senior leadership team’s vision needed to be filled in a creative way that laid out their intentions and encouraged employees to share the journey. To do this, they wanted to achieve three objectives:

  • Revitalize the traditional townhall format
  • Educate employees about their future roles
  • Demonstrate employee conception of the new company trajectory

They also wanted to take the idea even further by dissecting how they managed internal company updates and looking to other tech companies for inspiration. Vodafone knew they needed to think outside of the box to bring their company into a new era of service.

Hear what the winners had to say about their award-winning work above.

The idea

Vodafone’s objectives all centered around employee engagement, so a content program was developed to be easily accessible by all employees, as well as educate with an entertaining component. Their goal was to move past wordy PowerPoint presentations and complex explanations into content that was easy to understand, visually dynamic and delivered through an accessible interactive platform.

To accomplish this, senior leaders worked to make the next steps of the company into an active narrative that could be shared with everyone. They developed AMP’D to demonstrate their vision for the future of Vodofone Products and Services.

With the goal of creating energy, excitement, and anticipation amongst viewers, a two-hour interactive event was live streamed, with presenters, keynotes, two Q&A panel discussions, an internationally recognized host, and 45 pieces of original video content.

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The results

To gauge the success of their event, post-event surveys were conducted with an astounding rate of success:

  • 90% of respondents felt the event content was engaging
  • 95% of respondents watched the event through to the end
  • 95% of respondents awarded the forum an average of 4.5 stars

The campaign also reached over 550 views across eight different markets.

This campaign was a winner at The Drum Awards for Content 2022. You can Find out how you can enter now.

Technology Awards Case Studies Brand Strategy

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