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Virtue, Progress and Mother win big at The Drum Awards for Social Purpose


By Dani Gibson | Senior Writer

December 8, 2022 | 8 min read

Campaigns for Unesco, Goop and Tommy’s take the top 2022 prizes.


Grand Prix winner Virtue Worldwide for Polycam, Unesco and Blue Shield

The Drum Awards for Social Purpose celebrate the people and brands making a positive contribution through socially responsible marketing globally. The results were revealed at a ceremony at The Drum Labs in London, during our week-long awards festival, alongside a live cast on The Drum TV.

Among the many winners was Virtue WorldWide, which took home the coveted Grand Prix for its work with Polycam, Unesco and Blue Shield.

Meanwhile, Claire Sanderson of Women’s Health and Eduardo Sarmiento of Brunet-Garcia Advertising co-chaired our awards jury and handed out two Chair Awards – to Mother for Goop and to The Progress Film Company for Tommy’s.

Also on the night, Indeed Creative won the Best Celebrity/Influencer Brand for Good Partnership and Best Diversity and Inclusion Campaign ​categories for its work on its Rising Voices work, while Ally was awarded Best Integrated Campaign, Campaign of the Year (for profit) and Best Content Marketing Campaign for its campaign ’The Milestone Initiative: Harnessing the Power of Representation in Comics’.

The awards were judged by a panel of senior marketers, creatives and advertisers from companies including Skating Panda, GE, Change Please Coffee, UGG, Inkpact, Ben & Jerry’s, StockX, Wavemaker, Colgate-Palmolive, Purpose Disruptors and Met Office UK.

You can see all the amazing winners and work right here and find out more about the top winners below.

Grand Prix and Best Use of Technology

Agency: Virtue Worldwide

Client: Polycam, Unesco & Blue Shield

Campaign: Backup Ukraine

According to Blue Shield, destroying a country’s cultural heritage is the fastest way to erase its national identity. And no matter how many sandbags and protective covers we wrap it in, Ukraine’s cultural heritage is at high risk of destruction.

Virtue Worldwide wanted to ensure that Ukraine’s culture wasn’t lost forever by making a digital backup in the cloud, where no bombs can reach. For the first time in history, Unesco gave every citizen the power to create high-definition 3D models – and all they needed was their phones. Using a smartphone’s built-in camera and GPS data lets everyone in Ukraine capture any place or monument in a matter of minutes.

The data was saved as blueprints in a cloud-based 3D archive to be preserved forever. So if they’re ever destroyed, Ukraine’s cultural treasures can be rebuilt down to the last detail.

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Chair Award and Best Public Awareness Campaign

Agency: Mother

Client: Goop

Campaign: Goop Diaper

goop diaper

Mother and Goop launched a luxury diaper, lined with virgin alpaca wool, fastened with amber crystals and infused with the scent of jasmine and bergamot. And only one box of them exists, because they weren’t really for sale.

What Goop actually wanted to do was start a conversation about how much diapers cost. Despite the absolute necessity of diapers, in 33 states they aren’t treated as essential items, but as luxury goods. Depending on the state, this sales tax can add between 1.5% and 7% to its costs.

During the pandemic, Baby2Baby’s diaper requests skyrocketed 505%. National shortages exacerbated the need. So Baby2Baby began manufacturing its own diapers, produced at a fraction of the cost to increase the number of children it serves. In addition to distributing over 100m diapers in the past 10 years, Baby2Baby championed the successful removal of the diaper tax in California, Florida and Maryland. Over the next year, it expects to manufacture more than 30m diapers for hundreds of thousands of families.

Chair Award and Best Video Campaign

Agency: The Progress Film Company

Client: Tommy’s

Campaign: Who’s Counting

We live in a society where gender inequality is systemic and, as a result, women’s health issues need improvement. One area that doesn’t just affect women but also their partners is miscarriages. Currently in the UK, parents only qualify for support and care after they’ve experienced three miscarriages in a row. 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage, yet the total number of miscarriages in the UK is not currently recorded.

A new report from Tommy’s/The Lancet debunks the myth that miscarriage is ‘just one of those things’ and further uncovers the additional impact the miscarriage has on women’s physical and mental health. Tommy’s petitioned for better miscarriage care from the start – and at the time of entry to these awards it had over 228,000 signatures and a verbal commitment from the Health Secretary to include its recommendations for changes to miscarriage care in the Woman’s Health Strategy.

From their own experience with miscarriage, Ben and Pannie created an emotional film to raise awareness of these unacceptable conditions and have partnered with Tommy’s to support its campaign for better miscarriage care. ’Who’s Counting?’ told the story of a couple who endure three miscarriages, showing the pain and trauma that comes from going through this experience three times. The powerful film was used to generate strong emotional reactions in Tommy’s audience and helped to educate people on the current conditions, alongside encouraging people to sign the petition.

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