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How Fanta put the 'BOOH' in OOH last Halloween with innovative projection mapping


By Awards Analyst, writer

December 6, 2022 | 5 min read

Isobar, Dentsu Creative and Coca-Cola Sweden took the Innovation in OOH award at The Drum Awards for Out of Home 2022 with the B-OOH! Happy Halloween! the campaign. Here's why:

Happy Halloween

How Fanta put the BOOH in OOH last Halloween with innovative projection mapping

The brief

Fanta wanted to strengthen its position as a fun, unexpected, and the number one Halloween drink among young people. But it needed a way to reach this discerning audience engrossed in TikTok, YouTube, and Netflix.

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The idea

In response, it made an outdoor experience that was impossible to miss, extending far beyond the digital framework. A technical innovation with sound, projection, and digital outdoors in perfect sync. With a scary story about how even ghosts, vampires, and zombies do everything to get a Fanta during Halloween.

At that time of year, Sweden is a very dark place, a perfect time to use projection to light up the streets with significant visual impact.

From original illustrations, a visual story was created to champion Fanta in the middle of all the Halloween drama. The animation was created explicitly for the OOH screen and the surrounding wall at Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm, Sweden.

The fact that both Halloween and Fanta are strongly associated with the color orange made our visuals a match made in heaven. The team created a special build around one of Stockholm's giant digital out-of-home screens. It used the surrounding wall for the first time as part of the advertisement. But not just as an add-on. It wanted the screen and the wall to blend seamlessly. To achieve this, it used projection mapping to turn the surrounding wall into a display surface for video projection.

The team had to precisely line up the two different surfaces and consider blocking trees. Then it had to break its animation into two videos, one displayed on the OOH screen and one projected onto the surrounding wall. To avoid the two videos going out of sync when restarting, the team customized the technology to handle massive files that played the videos over and over continuously without looping. The pre-existing OOH screen is in one of the busiest places in Stockholm, making the physical placement of the expensive 110 KG heavy projector challenging.

It was placed high enough so that no one would be blended or could interact with the light. To get the right angle to the wall and keep all equipment secure, we had to build a unique mobile solution on top of a truck, parked at the right spot and always manned. The truck was equipped with speakers to add a soundtrack and sound effects to elevate the experience even more.

The results

The unique solution attracted a lot of attention and reactions among people on-site and on social media, where the campaign was widely spread in and outside Sweden

This campaign was a winner at The Drum Awards for Out of Home 2022. You can see all the winners here. The Drum Awards for Marketing are currently open for entry. Find out how you can enter now.

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