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By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

November 25, 2022 | 3 min read

According to brand, 52% of the UK public feel additional pressure to be happy and pretend everything is OK at Christmas.

Radio presenter Roman Kemp has lent his voice to Walkers’ annual festive campaign, which hopes to encourage people to open up about their mental health.

In ‘It Feels Good to Share,’ viewers see a young man called Larry turn up at a gathering where he is greeted by various family members. He’s followed by an emoji near his shoulder that conveys how he is truly feeling inside, even if he doesn’t let it be known on the outside.

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During the final scene, Larry is in the kitchen with his friend who asks him how he’s getting on, to which he replies that he’s “fine“. Thankfully, his friend presses him further and questions him on how he really doing, which is when he begins to open up fully.

A previous version of the ad aired digitally in 2021 but has since been re-edited and voiced over by Kemp, who said of the campaign: “Christmas is an amazing time of year, but it’s also a very challenging time for a lot of people, so I’m hoping that through this campaign and encouraging people to ban what is undoubtedly the most offensive ‘F***’ word out there, we can help open up the conversation surrounding mental wellbeing and get people having open and honest conversations about how they’re really feeling.

“Let’s stop saying we’re fine because we think it’s polite, or because we think it’s what the other person wants to hear. Most of the time, if a friend or family member is asking you how you are, they do genuinely want to know because they care.”

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