By Webb Wright | Reporter

November 17, 2022 | 3 min read

The 30-second spot arrives shortly after the brand unveiled a suite of holiday offerings, including the return of Free Coffee Mondays.

Dunkin’ is leaning into themes from classic Christmas movies – with a sprinkle of sci-fi – in its new holiday ad.

Titled ‘It’s here,’ the 30-second spot centers on a Christmas fairytale of a town (think Whoville) that is overjoyed when a giant Peppermint mocha signature latte from Dunkin’ lands mysteriously in a crowded square – like something out of The Day the Earth Stood Still – heralding the beginning of the holiday season.

As soon as it becomes visible, the townspeople start rejoicing about its long-awaited return. Two twins gaze adoringly out a window at the inbound cup. A journalist speaks into a camera: “Well folks, it’s finally here; the cup is back.”

And then, as mysteriously as it arrived, the giant cup once again takes flight. One of the townspeople desperately clings to it, begging to be taken along. It’s at that point that we learn that the cup is being sipped by a normal-sized woman in her very cozy living room. The town where the drama has unfolded is actually a replica that the woman has set up on top of her fireplace.

We’re then presented with the words: “The holidays start with you.”

“When we set out to create a new holiday campaign, it was especially important to capture and celebrate the Dunkin’ fans that make the holidays happen – the guests that go the extra mile to bring joy to their families, friends and communities,” Jill McVicar Nelson, chief marketing officer at Dunkin’, said in a statement. “Through this creative, we not only hope to celebrate go-getters and do-gooders this season, but also remind them of memories spent together and inspire the holiday spirit whenever they see it.”

The new ad from Dunkin’ arrives shortly after the brand introduced the return of holiday-themed menu items (including the Peppermint mocha signature latte), Christmas-themed cups and the return of Free Coffee Mondays, which offer a free coffee with any purchase for Dunkin’ Rewards members through November 28.

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