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Media Future of TV Media Summit

The Media Summit agenda: here’s what’s on this week


By John McCarthy | Media editor

November 3, 2022 | 9 min read

The Drum Media Summit has launched this week to steer advertisers, agencies, media owners, publishers and those with a stake in the flow of ad spend on what to expect for the coming year.

Media Summit

The Media Summit agenda: Here's what's on this week

On November 2 and 3, The Drum's editorial team will broadcast live from London discussions, interviews, and keynotes via with a preview of the schedule now available.

Without further ado, here's the schedule.


From 9:30 ET/13:30 GMT, The Drum Show

10:00 ET/14:00 GMT After the cookies have crumbled

Join The Drum's Chris Sutcliffe as he chats with guests about December 2024 when the final cookie has been phased out. Will the entire digital advertising ecosystem crumble as part of the cookiepocolypse or will it emerge bright and shining into a new privacy-first world?

10:30 ET/14:30 GMT Cameron Converses - With Amit Wadhwa

Join our editor Cameron Clarke as he sits down with Amit Wadhwa, chief executive officer at Dentsu India, to reflect on how they won Agency of the Year at this year's Cannes Lions.

10:45 ET/14:45 GMT Loyalty 3.0 - Rewarding customers for their data

Join reporter Hannah Bowler as she chats with her guests about the evolution of loyalty schemes. As the story goes, in 1793 a merchant in New Hampshire began the first-ever loyalty program by rewarding repeat customers with copper tokens. Now we're in a much more advanced place that needs to be explained.

11:15 ET/15:15 GMT The 2 Hearts Pizzeria

Spurred on by wanting to help bring family and friends closer together during the pandemic restrictions, brand experience agency Audience launched a world-first hologram experience connecting diners in both London and Edinburgh with Virgin Media's ‘Two Hearts Pizzeria’ campaign. The Drum caught up with two of the driving forces behind this project.

11:45 ET /15:45 GMT Marketing in the multisensory world with Mastercard CMO Raja Rajamannar

Join US editor Kenneth Hein as he speaks to Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing officer of Mastercard (US), about exploring how the world of marketing is embracing more sensory and experiential approaches. And looks at what all marketers can learn from this broader approach.

12:15 ET/16:15 GMT The Future of TV with Finecast

Media editor John McCarthy chats to his guests about how the CTV space is evolving. There’s a whole host of issues ahead such as issues for automated content recognition, IP addresses, platform fragmentation, user IDs and measurement.

12:45 ET/16:45 GMT AdFab - The advertiser-funded content show

Cameron Clarke is back again as he chats to his guests about what the current opportunities in branded content for advertisers are, how the space has evolved and what trends are emerging.

1:30 ET/17:30 GMT Nextflix

On the eve of Netflix getting ads, The Drum's own Gordon Young talks to his guests about finally hitting peak Netflix and how subscribers are destined to shrink in the short term.

2:00 ET/18:00 GMT Privacy, by design: invest now for future success

Join assistant editor Jenni Baker as she chats to her guests about a new future of advertising, one that puts privacy front and center. The privacy investments brands and agencies make today are essential for success tomorrow and in the future. But is your business privacy-ready?


9:30 ET/13:30 GMT The Drum Show

10 ET/14:00 GMT The Dollar Dash

Chris Sutcliffe chats to his guests about how to invest your budget in gaming advertising. Where are you placing those dollars – the metaverse? Mobile apps? In-game? E-sports? We explain.

10:45 ET/14:45 GMT Strictly Data

Hannah Bowler and her guests explore an increasingly fragmented digital ecosystem. Connecting the dots across different channels is more challenging than ever and at the same time, longstanding approaches are facing increasing scrutiny. How can brand marketers gain a holistic view of their omnichannel campaigns in all regions to truly understand everything from production ROI to diversity and accessibility of their creative assets? We explain.

11:15 ET/15:15 GMT Catch me if you can: I'm OOH

Join The Drum and Waze as we take you on a spin in this interactive quiz that puts our panelists in the driving seat to test their knowledge of the behaviors, influences and purchase decisions of UK drivers.

11:45 ET/15:45 GMT The Ken Hein Show

12:00 ET/16:00 GMT Will The World Cup Steal Christmas?

Join John McCarthy as he chats to his guests about a World Cup like no other – hosted during the Christmas period. The Drum explores how brands navigate the controversial tournament from a media perspective. Are they taking advantage of new media formats or are they playing it safe?

12:30 ET/16:30 GMT The Green Room

Cameron Clarke and his guests chat about how marketers are wrestling with their role in the climate crisis, be it by helping clients embrace greener processes internally or by nudging the public toward more sustainable practices – but the most immediate impact they could make is by hitting net-zero carbon in their media buys.

1:00 ET/17:00 GMT DOOH or DOH!

OOH is one the oldest media channels in the marketing playbook and yet it continues to stand the test of time, Lynn Lester and her guests discuss. From boundary-breaking billboards to high-impact contextual moments, we explore the next frontier for OOH media innovation and the data/tech that underpins it.

1:30 ET/17:30 GMT Powering agency success in the third wave of digital media

Join Jenni Baker as she chats to her guests about how to power agency success in the third wave of digital media. First, it was search, then social, and now the third wave of digital media is upon us. Retail media is set to account for over 25% of total digital media spending by 2026 (BCG) and with this media buying approach comes a new tech architecture requiring cross-channel, cross-retailer agility and access to first-party data.

And that's not including keynotes from:

  • Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing and communications officer and president, Mastercard

  • Hayley Cochrane, vice-president of digital and advanced ad sales, NBCUniversal Global

John McCarthy, media editor at The Drum, said: “We’re so excited to bring this event to our audiences and keep them on top of all the biggest trends in media that we’ve been following throughout the year.

“It’ll be a pleasure to sit down with the industry’s best and brightest and share the most important discussions and insights for the media community. With so many huge events impacting media this year, it feels like an important moment to look ahead to what might be coming next year.”

You can register for the free event here. And for a taster of what’s to come, check out The Drum’s media output or even sign up for our weekly Media Agency Briefing newsletter.

Media Future of TV Media Summit

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