By Danielle Long | Acting APAC Editor

October 19, 2022 | 2 min read

As China continues its zero-Covid strategy and its citizens face constant lockdowns, Ikea has created a song and music video to help raise spirits.

The furniture giant has teamed with The Shanghai Rainbow Chamber Singers to create the "song of hope" called 'Dining Table'.

With families cooped up in homes with limited space, the need to repurpose furniture is high – particularly the dining table, which doubles as a table for online meetings, e-learning classes as well as the tasks of daily life.

The extended periods that Chinese citizens have spent in prolonged lockdowns have led to high rates of depression and stress. Ikea aims to help lift Chinese citizens' spirits in the face of uncertainty while showcasing the brand's integral role in consumers' lives.

The film depicts a Chinese family whose lives revolve around the dining table, moving from stress and chaos to joy and positivity. It also showcases images of real families and friends around their tables. The film finishes in an Ikea showroom with a dining room price tag labelled priceless.

The campaign was created by Wunderman Thompson China and is currently live on WeChat.

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