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Connecting the dots between holiday shopping trends & sales performance

October 14, 2022 | 5 min read

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From retail to finance to health, advertisers in key sectors are gearing up to their biggest sales quarter ahead – but what will it take to capture consumer attention and drive sales?

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More than one billion people discover new brands and offers every month

The Q4 holiday season is an important time of year for brands, and also the most profitable – especially for those in retail, finance and health, who record their biggest sales across the quarter’s major shopping dates, from Black Friday to Christmas and New Year.

That said, it’s a challenge to capture attention, boost discovery, and drive sales. Getting it right means knowing what shoppers prioritize; what they consider along their buying journey; and what pushes them to purchase. All things easier said than done, but possible with the right data, insights and planning tools.

The Marketer’s Guide to Boost Sales in 2022, courtesy of Outbrain, helps brands connect the dots between consumer trends in top holiday categories and activity across the Outbrain platform – where more than one billion people discover new brands and offers every month – to provide relevant tactics that round out your Q4 goals and set the stage for 2023.

Download the guide today to discover why:

  • Top segments like fashion and beauty are attracting a near-even split in audiences between social media (34%) and open web advertising (32%) and why early shopping and varied discount offers, like free shipping, can help brands draw shoppers in

  • 61% of people have a positive financial outlook for the months ahead, indicating room to grow their spending and an opportunity for brands to craft relevant messages around the current environment to stay relevant

  • Greater awareness around health offers a chance for brands across a range of segments – from food and beverage to sporting and tourism – to reach new audiences by tailoring messaging around core topics including weight loss and fitness, which have seen a 140% and 46% increase in page views, respectively, over the first half of 2022.

Complete your details below for more insights to plan your industry and holiday-specific strategies, and help your brand gain an advantage in the competitive season ahead.

Whitepapers Brand Strategy Consumer Behaviour

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