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Conservative social network Parler rebrands, saying it is now ‘uncancelable’


By Kendra Barnett | Senior Reporter

September 16, 2022 | 3 min read

The social media haven for conservatives is getting a makeover. Parler will adopt a tech services-based model, with an overarching goal of powering the ‘uncancelable future.’

Parler app logo on mobile screen

Parler has changed course / Adobe Stock

Parler, the alternative social media site popular among free speech apologists and conservatives on the far right – which describes itself as “a guiding force in the fight against big tech, big government, censorship and cancel culture” – has announced a major restructuring. As a part of the effort, the company will now operate under the name Parlement Technologies and will operate a portfolio of diverse technologies and platforms.

The vision of the new direction centers on a mission to create “the world’s premier free speech technology infrastructure and platform,” according to a statement from the company. The organization aims to become less a social media company and more a technology services firm.

A primary goal of the restructuring is to build a range of service offerings for online businesses at risk of censorship on other platforms due to controversial content.

“Beginning today, we are building a new company that powers vital functions across business touch points from front-of-house customer viewpoints to back-of-house web infrastructure,” said the company’s chief executive George Farmer in a statement shared with The Drum. “We believe that Parlement Technologies will power the future. And the future is uncancelable.”

To accelerate the transition, Parlement Technologies has acquired private web hosting and cloud infrastructure company Dynascale. Dynascale’s technology will be used to power Parler, the company’s social media branch, as well as the organization’s new infrastructure division.

“We’re thrilled to be joining the Parlement team, especially now as the company enters a new and exciting era of forward-thinking leadership and innovation,” Igor Shalkevich, former Dynascale president and new head of business development of Dynascale, said in a statement. ”Our solutions facilitate cloud maturity, and we’re honored to serve as the anchor for building out what will become an entire ecosystem to secure business infrastructure and help amplify free speech platforms.”

The announcement comes as the company closes a Series B funding round with $16m. The new capital will be used to build the technology required to power Parlement Technologies’ vision.

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