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By John Glenday | Reporter

September 12, 2022 | 2 min read

Renowned authors are playing their part to fight the climate crisis by harnessing their command of language to cause change.

Jojo Moyes, Anthony Doerr, Lauren Groff and David Lagercrantz urge society not to write off our chances by penning more thought-provoking missives than your typical protest slogans for a series of high-brow placards.

The chin-stroking communications include deep lines such as ‘We all share a little boat whirling through a vast and frigid night. Protect the boat.’ The series of rallying cries also includes: ‘It is through hope that we create the world not yet visible but possible’ and ‘Deep time sings of non-human things. We can listen.’

Curated by the Gothenburg Book Fair, the Hope Signs will populate a digital library where they can be borrowed by anyone willing to spread the word. The literature-inspired signs were developed by advertising agency Nord DDB and can be wielded at climate protests or shared via social media.

Jacob Björdal, creative director at advertising agency Nord, said: “The written word has a unique ability to inspire and create change. That’s why we are very happy that so many authors have collaborated with The Gothenburg Book Fair to create a digital library of protest signs, giving the whole world access to powerful words in the fight against climate change.”

Swedish graphic designer Johanna Burai helped bring the signs to life, drawing inspiration from heat maps to further raise the tempo of the defining crisis of our time.

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