September 9, 2022 | 2 min read

News crews from around the world have arrived at Buckingham Palace to report on the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the ascension of King Charles III. The Drum team joined them to capture the enormity of the media operation.

The announcement of Queen Elizabeth II’s death at 96 came suddenly this week, but Palace officials and the world’s media have long been preparing for this moment. And nowhere is their careful choreography more evident than at the late monarch’s official London home, where an elaborate international media village has spawned overnight.

In the shadow of Buckingham Palace, TV news anchors and journalists from all corners of the globe have joined the thousands of well-wishers gathering to commemorate the Queen and catch a glimpse of her successor, King Charles III, who has now arrived to take up duties.

Major broadcasters including the BBC, Sky News and CNN have been afforded facilities in a sprawling series of marquees that look on to the iconic royal residence. This will be the prevailing backdrop that viewers will become familiar with until the Queen’s funeral, which will take place at Westminster Abbey within two weeks.

Broadcast tents at Buckingham Palace following the death of the Queen
Broadcasters set up at the Palace
Live broadcast from Buckingham Palace
Broadcasters at The Mall
broadcasters on The Mall
King Charles arrives

Elsewhere in London, the pause on out-of-home advertising was evident throughout the transport network and on the capital’s most iconic screen, at Piccadilly Circus, which has been transformed into a giant tribute to the late sovereign.

Piccadilly Circus pays tribute to The Queen
Tributes to The Queen on the London Underground
The Queen commemorated on London's Jubilee Line
Media Future of TV The Queen

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