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How 3 brands are utilizing TikTok’s full-funnel formula to turbocharge results


By Jenni Baker, Senior Editor

September 8, 2022 | 7 min read

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TikTok is not just shaping culture, it’s shaping commerce. We look at how Dragon City, Ooni Pizza Ovens and Dermalogica Germany have embraced the power of TikTok’s creative solutions to supercharge their performance.

TikTok is paving the way for discovery commerce

TikTok is paving the way for discovery commerce

Consumers no longer go shopping; they’re always shopping. And with 88% of TikTok users discovering new content they enjoy while using the app and just under a quarter acting on that inspiration and buying something¹, brands have a unique opportunity to win over new audiences. In fact, 71% of purchases made on TikTok are completely unplanned².

By linking the best of three worlds – community, commerce and entertainment – TikTok is paving the way for discovery commerce. Brands that switch on to this notion with an always-on campaign strategy on TikTok are delivering and exceeding performance metrics throughout the full-funnel.

Just ask Socialpoint, Ooni Pizza Ovens or Dermalogica Germany – three brands who have utilized TikTok’s suite of ad formats to capture the hearts and minds of consumers, playing by the entertainment platform’s unique rules and values of discovery, authentic interaction, and entertaining creative.

Whatever your goal, TikTok is owning the shopping journey at every stage of the funnel and proving it can have a significant impact on the cost-effectiveness of conversions. But what tactics are available and how are they helping brands to drive real business results?

Maximizing conversion value

To drive high-value user acquisition for its new game Dragon City, mobile gaming brand Socialpoint added TikTok’s Value-Based Optimization solution to its arsenal. This game-changing optimization strategy drives higher return-on-ad spend (ROAS) by finding users who are most likely to spend more money on a product or service.

Taking the learnings from numerous audience tests, different creatives were continuously tested so that Socialpoint could pinpoint the best performing videos, all of which leaned into TikTok trends and sounds to ensure that the ads were completely native to the platform. And it worked, driving a +1068% increase in first time app buyers.

Winning with an always-on approach

Pizza oven brand Ooni has been cooking up a storm with an always-on conversion campaign supported by In-Feed Ads. Targeted, scalable and cost-efficient, these are full-screen, sound-on, vertical video ads that appear natively in users’ personalized For You feeds alongside user-generated content. The result: +186% increase in ROAS.

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Boosting product discovery

Skin-care brand Dermalogica Germany launched a flawless campaign to build hype for its newly-launched product using TikTok’s catalogue-based ad solution. Partnering with creators, the ads explained the benefits of using Dermalogica products and how they have become part of the everyday routine in an engaging, relatable and educational way.

This ad format is ideal for brands looking to showcase their products and encourage users to seek out more information, while simultaneously expediting them through to purchase. As proven in this campaign, it drove a +564% increase in click through rate (CTR).

Whatever your campaign goal or KPI, whether optimizing for awareness or purchase, TikTok’s suite of creative ad solutions cover the full marketing funnel. Start building your TikTok strategy today by signing up to the newsletter to be kept informed on product updates, industry events, inspirational case studies and tips to hit your campaign goals.

1. TikTok Marketing Science US Authenticity Study 2020 conducted by Nielsen

2. Marketing Science EU Holiday Shopping Behaviour Research 2020 conducted by Walnut Unlimited

Entertainment Brand Purpose Brand Strategy

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