By John Glenday, Reporter

September 8, 2022 | 2 min read

Carling is evolving its ‘Made Local’ brand proposition with a pivot from celebrating the power of community to the power of friendship.

The subtle shift in emphasis is brought to life in ‘We’re Made by our Mates,’ a £6.6m collection of six feel-good spots encapsulated by the spirit of camaraderie and humor between like-minded spirits.

Airing through the remainder of the year on TV, the campaign has been devised by Molson Coors’s lead creative agency Havas London in a shift from neighborhood-level interactions to personal connections.

Lee Willett, brand director at Carling, said: “The strength of Made Local has always been in its genuine, authentic portrayals of the diverse lives of real drinkers up and down the country – but much has changed since we introduced the platform in 2019. And while we connect to the places that made us and what we did there, we connect because of the people who make those places. It’s that familiar, everyday yet universal sense of community – and the friendships that underpin it – we set out to celebrate in this campaign.”

Each ad will air alongside high-impact programming such as sports, supported by video on demand (VOD) and programmatic video together with live activity around Sky Sports content on Twitter.

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