By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

September 4, 2022 | 4 min read

Did you know that every 25 minutes, an Olympic-size swimming pool’s worth of crude oil is used in the production of synthetic clothing? To bring this shocking statistic to life, fashion brand The Woolmark Company has created a dramatic campaign to highlight the issue on a mammoth scale.

The ‘Wear Wool, Not Fossil Fuel’ video spot begins with three people struggling to escape a pool of dark, slimy oil. As the substance washes over their bodies, viewers see them breathing heavily and starting to become panicked.


Then, as they try to help each other out of this dire situation, the camera pans out to show they are surrounded by lush green hills. When they do escape, each slowly takes off their oily attire to unveil garments made from wool, while a breath of fresh air lightens the mood and the group is able to walk freely into the forest.

The metaphors are in-your-face, but it makes the point of using more eco-friendly natural fibers in fashion clearly.


The campaign video was written and produced in collaboration between Park Village, 20Something and Studio Birthplace.

Will Thacker, creative director at 20Something, told The Drum that the campaign came about after the client saw the Wasteminster campaign for Greenpeace that Studio Birthplace also worked on.

“Woolmark was looking for something that really educates, that shows people something new and that, once they’ve seen it, they’re like, ‘wow, I was not aware of that,’” said Jorik Dozy, film director at Studio Birthplace. “Hopefully it wakes people up to the fact that they’re literally wearing oil.”

The work is tailored to film and out-of-home (OOH) activations, with initial media scheduled in the US, UK, France and Australia this month. An exciting 3D billboard will launch in London’s Piccadilly Circus and New York’s Times Square next week.

Fran Docx, strategy partner at 20Something, added: “Back in 1980, our wardrobes were filled with natural materials such as cotton, wool and cashmere. These natural materials made up 60% of the market, far outstripping the relatively new polyester and polyamide alternatives.

“The rise of fast fashion, Instagram outfit culture and turbocharged consumerism has seen a wholesale shift in what lurks in our wardrobes. We rarely make a wider ecological connection between clothes, the fibers they’re made of and their impact on the planet. Our ambition for our work with The Woolmark Company is to address that and raise awareness of the alternatives to synthetic fabrics.”


Production company: Park Village

Creative company: 20Something

Creatives/film directors: Jorik Dozy and Sil Van Der Woerd @ Studio Birthplace

Creative director: Will Thacker

Executive producer: Adam Booth

Creative/copywriter: Elliott Starr

Strategy partner: Fran Docx

Business lead: Anisha Obeng

Account manager: Amy Greasby

Film and stills producer: Lauren Havard

Service company: Silver Lining Films

Service producer: Renier Ridgeway

Director of photography: Lennert Hillege

VFX supervisor: Tim Smit

SFX: Max Poolman @ MXFX

3D OOH design director: Samuel Guillotel @ 3DSomething

Designers: Rory Stiff and Casey Highfield

Production designer: Arlene Wentzel

Wardrobe designer: Lewis Munro

Post-production company: Dead Pixel

Grade: No 8 London

Colorist: Alex Gregory

Audio and music production: Ambit Sound

Photographer: Dirk Rees

Media agency: Craft/PMG

Media planner: Sam Fowler and Alistair Hornsby

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