By Taruka Srivastava, Freelance journalist

September 1, 2022 | 2 min read

Insurance brand Churchill is aiming to change perspectives on what quality insurance means to people by asking them to be chill when taking big decisions in its latest campaign.

The campaign ‘Bring Chill to the Nation,’ conceptualized by Saatchi & Saatchi, features a woman apprehensive about buying a car in case she prangs it in an accident with an unprepared and uninsured driver. Suddenly she finds Churchill’s mascot ‘Churchie’ sitting on the front hood, and she escapes to the ‘Chillscape,’ a fantasy world where she is relieved of all her car-buying stress.

Instead of focusing on how cover works when something goes wrong, the creative showcases how insurance can make life less stressful by giving people the confidence to make big life decisions.

MediaCom provided end-to-end consultancy on the campaign, including scoping the media recommendation, planning and approach, flighting and overall delivery. The campaign features across TV, YouTube, radio and out-of-home (OOH).

Kirsty Hoad, product owner Churchill Squad, said: “As we evolve our marketing campaigns, in a world that faces huge challenges, our new advert provides a moment of escapism for viewers. The creative delivers this with our beautiful new Chillscape – a dreamlike space, a world of serenity and optimism. ‘Enjoy the Leap’ showcases that we understand how life’s big decisions, whether it is buying a house or learning to drive, can be triggers of stress and often come with different needs when it comes to insurance. Our campaign moves our focus from the rare but intense stress of things going wrong and needing to use insurance, to the more frequent stress of choosing something new in life, for which you need new cover.”

Saatchi & Saatchi chief creative officer Franki Goodwin added: “It’s been so exciting to get our hands on this iconic advertising character and take him, literally, to new heights. We’ve been living and breathing Churchie’s Chillscape for months now and it’s wonderful to unleash this blissful audio-visual experience on the British public. A beautiful piece of craft with a strong strategy behind it.”

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