By Taruka Srivastava, Freelance journalist

August 31, 2022 | 4 min read

Sainsbury’s latest advertising campaign is encouraging customers to practice financial control, shop smarter and access personalized discounts in its SmartShop app.

The Sainsbury’s SmartShop app enables customers to shop, scan and check out autonomously, while the technology tracks purchases to unlock tailored product deals.

The campaign ‘Be a Smart Cookie,’ created by Ogilvy UK, features the protagonist John shopping at Sainsbury’s when a witty voiceover narrates the various ways in which he could have benefitted and saved money if he had downloaded the SmartShop app.

The integrated campaign will run across TV, out-of-home (OOH), radio, social, in-store and email. The media is handled by PHD (TV, radio, OOH) and Essence (social and digital).

Radha Davies, brand communications director, Sainsbury’s, said: “For a customer to break their deeply-engrained shopping habits, even where there’s a compelling reason to, is difficult. Millions of Nectar customers have access to personalized prices at Sainsbury’s, and we wanted them to know about it. Using behaviorally-driven insights that focused on the ease of use, the many benefits of SmartShop in conjunction with food-focused creative has created impactful and identifiably Sainsbury’s creative.”

Johnny Watters and Angus George, executive creative directors, Ogilvy UK, added: “While most supermarkets have their apps, SmartShop is different and adds tangible value. Not only was the campaign guided by insights from our behavioral science team, but in this time of rampant economic uncertainty providing any kind of financial control is a vital message – and doing so in a way that is playful and entertaining, rather than doom and gloom, was part of our mission.”


Client: Sainsbury’s

Brand communications director: Radha Davies 

Director of loyalty and CRM: Alex Naisby

Head of broadcast marketing: Laura Boothby 

Campaign manager: Emma Young 

Loyalty marketing manager: Jimmy Galloway 

Agency: Ogilvy UK

Managing partner: Rebecca Dennis  

Business director: Olivia Hutton 

Senior account manager: Sasha Barrett 

Head of strategy: Kate Wheaton  

Strategy director: Natalie Chester  

Behavioral analyst: David Fanner

Executive creative director: Angus George, Johnny Watters and Sam Cartmell  

Creative directors: Katie Prendergast and Keeley Ashdown 

Art director: Eva Steiner  

Design executive creative director: Luke Ridgeway  

Senior designer: Simon O’Brien, Amy Gordon and Mikey Reilly 

Designer: Lauren Ratcliffe and Dani Vasquez 

Head of project management: Bill McGeorge  

Senior project manager: Gemma Knight  

Head of integrated production: James Brook-Partridge

Senior TV producer: Stephanie Warner  

Producer: Anna Pollard 

Production assistant: Lynsie Roberts  

Production: Hogarth Worldwide 

Project manager: Peter Nuttall 

Junior project manager: Erin Dann 

Senior producer: Sarah Chan 

Production company: Biscuit Filmworks 

Managing director (UK): Rupert Reynolds-Maclean 

Executive producer (UK): Samantha Chitty 

Director: Clay Weiner 

Producer: Toby Courlander 

Director of photography: Matthew Emvin Taylor 

Production designers: Stef Grieve and Tom Wales  

 Casting: Anna Kennedy 

Editors: The Quarry 

Executive producer: Tor Adams 

Producer: Ruth Minkley 

Editor: Rebecca Luff

Edit assistants: Ben Cowan and Victoria Man  

Post and audio: Gramercy Park Studios 

Post producer: Saša McCartney 

Sound design and mix: Zak Kurtha and Sam Cross 

Flame: Danit Kilbansky, Theo Maggs and Eileen Chan 

Nuke: Vincent Goodsell and Marco Pileri 

VFX supervisor: Mark Beardall

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