By Audrey Kemp | Junior Reporter

August 30, 2022 | 2 min read

For years, social media users have compared taking the first sip of Sprite from McDonald’s to TV static, so the brand responded with a beat from Tisakorean that brings that effervescent feeling, and meme, to life.

Ordering a McDonald’s Sprite has taken on a life of its own online, with user-generated memes that describe it as “crispy,” “crunchy” and even “electric.” This year alone, over 1,000 mentions compared the fountain drink to static.

Inspired by the lore of McDonald’s Sprite, the Golden Arches today released Static, Tisakorean’s fizziest beat yet. Tisakorean, a rapper and TikToker whose ironic, abstract performances have garnered over 7.5 million followers across social media, created the track himself.

A video released by McDonald’s today titled ‘Making of the Beat’ shows the star mastering the lo-fi track while sipping on a McDonald’s Sprite. “My go-to drink at McDonald’s has always been Sprite – it gives you that electrifying taste that reminds you of static, which is why I was so excited when they came to me to create this track,” Tisakorean said in a statement. “I wanted the Static beat to give people that same feeling and use actual static sounds all throughout the track. Lately, I’ve been inspired by the 2000s, so I used 909 kickdrums to hype up that electric, snappy type of feel.”

Created with Golin Chicago, the campaign aims to lean into the colloquial, casual culture of social media today. McDonald’s TikTok account even commented on Tisakorean’s videos in all lowercase: “i never knew i could taste static until rn.”

Fans are encouraged to drop their own videos using the Static beat and tag #McDonaldsStaticSprite on TikTok or Instagram.

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