By Audrey Kemp | Junior Reporter

August 29, 2022 | 3 min read

Online delivery service DoorDash debuts its latest campaign showing its own contribution to the neighborhoods it serves.

DoorDash fosters goodness in people’s lives, livelihoods and neighborhoods by creating jobs and keeping small businesses afloat in the convenience economy. Such is the message of DoorDash’s latest campaign, ‘A neighborhood of good in every order.’

The campaign aims to shed light on the many ways in which everyday orders made on DoorDash contribute to the collective good of a neighborhood through nine distinct spots depicting these ‘acts of good.’ Each follows the same formula of pairing a consumer’s relatable purchase with a casual voiceover explaining how their order reverberates a positive effect on the community. Take ‘Flowers,’ for example. A dasher, who we learn is named Drew, is seen delivering a bouquet to a customer’s house by bike. Meanwhile, a narrator says: “Ah, the fresh scent of delivering love in the morning – plus the extra cash for Drew here doesn’t smell bad either.”

“Our mission from the beginning has been to empower local economies, so the creative vision behind this campaign was to highlight the work that people are already doing in their neighborhoods on DoorDash with ordinary, everyday orders,” said DoorDash’s senior director and head of brand marketing David Bornoff. “We have a unique opportunity and perspective to celebrate not just the consumers on DoorDash, but the dashers and merchants that ... are integral to helping build thriving communities.”

The spots will run across TV, and stream on platforms including Hulu, Twitch, Viacom and YouTube, with radio and out-of-home (OOH) placements in Chicago, Dallas, LA, Miami, New York and San Francisco. The Martin Agency handled.

DoorDash’s campaign is concurrently launching with its Economic Impact Report, which features new data and a tangible look at how DoorDash impacts merchants, consumers and communities. Notably, it shows why flexible work like dashing is critical as inflation continues to affect consumer spending nationwide.

According to the report, DoorDash provided economic opportunity to 6.8 million people and supported about $69bn in US GDP in 2021 alone. That’s larger than the economies of seven states. That same year, DoorDash generated over $25bn in sales for its 500,000 active store partners on the platform. Additionally, the income of dashers contributed more than $18.7bn to the US GDP.

DoorDash’s report and campaign come after the brand announced in November 2020 a five-year, $200m pledge to empower small businesses through a number of new programs, including DoorDash’s Main Street Strong Accelerator and the DoorDash Accelerator for Local Goods.

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