By Webb Wright | Reporter

August 22, 2022 | 4 min read

The brand’s new global ad campaign is being launched today in the US and will soon be rolled out globally.

Don Julio has a new message that it is promoting to its fans: it takes heart to make high-quality tequila.

In its new global ad campaign, titled ’Por Amor’ (for the love), the premium tequila brand walks us through a brief tour of the tequila production process – from harvesting agave in the fields of Mexico, to distilling the tequila, to the final product being consumed by ecstatic-looking celebrants.

In the video spot’s opening scenes, which show farmers in agave fields, the only background sound is that of a heartbeat, suggesting that the production process is the lifeblood of the 80-year-old brand. That rhythmic sound eventually becomes the drumbeat for a lively song as the spot progresses and the characters become more and more spirited.

“Don Julio Gonzalez [the brand’s founder] followed his heart,” says the video spot’s narrator. “He knew above all others that when you do things from the heart, there is zero compromise. And when you pour your heart into each and every bottle, that love needs to be shared.”

The film was shot in Jalisco, Mexico – home of Don Julio’s Primavera Distillery – and in Mexico City. Produced by Anomaly New York, it was released in the US today with a global launch following soon.

Don Julio was listed as the world’s number one best-selling tequila brand in Drinks International’s Brand Report 2022.


Creative agency: Anomaly New York

Production: Anonymous

Director: Chris Sargent

Media agency: PHD Media

PR agency: Hunter PR

Social agency: Vayner Media

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