By Amy Houston | Senior Reporter

August 19, 2022 | 3 min read

John Lewis-owned Waitrose has partnered with Trevor Robinson of creative agency Quiet Storm to champion young creatives in Britain.

Through Robinson’s Create Not Hate initiative, 80 young people were tasked with producing a campaign to highlight that there’s more that unites than divides us. So what did they settle on? The humble potato, of course.

This ubiquitous staple of good old British comfort food (that actually originated in South America) is a fundamental ingredient in cuisines worldwide, so the team used it to showcase the multiculturalism of the UK.

The original idea was brought to life through a series of print and digital executions that featured piles of potatoes waiting to be prepared. On the outside, most of the starchy vegetables looked the same, but in the end, each resulted in a recipe from different corners of the globe.

‘The People’s Potato’ campaign will be showcased on a cover wrap on the August 18 edition of Waitrose Weekend, as well as inside the magazine and on social media.

Trevor Robinson, founder of Create Not Hate, said: “The opportunity for the young people involved to work on such an iconic British brand to tackle an important brief today is tremendous. I look forward to other brand owners seeing this and coming on board and reaping the many benefits associated – benefits for the young people participating and benefits to their own brands and businesses.”

To support the campaign there will be TikTok shorts where the participants can talk about the Create Not Hate organization.

James Turner, Creative Lead at Waitrose, added: “This campaign not only celebrates what unites us as a nation, it demonstrates the power of shared experience and how it can bring communities and different cultures together. Potatoes are consumed all around the world and in this creative they act as a symbol to show how little everyday things can create meaningful connections.“

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