By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

August 19, 2022 | 4 min read

Paddy Power has teamed up with footballer Peter Crouch and referee Mark Clattenburg to reimagine scenes from American Beauty and Dirty Dancing in the hopes of exciting fans ahead of the start of the Premier League season.

In ‘Love Football. Intimately,’ Crouch appears as viewers have never seen him before (unless you’re Abbey Clancy, who also features in the ad). It all begins in the pub when the striker is triggered by a red card and swept away into a football fantasy. Once there, viewers see Crouch languishing in a bubble bath scattered with red cards on a candlelit halfway line as he gazes suggestively down the lens.

Submerged in a tub of bubbles, à la American Beauty, he confesses he loves it when Clattenburg “sends [players] for an early bath.” He then moves his attention to the corner flag, demonstrating moves that would make Channing Tatum blush, admitting he loves it when Clattenburg lets “the corner flag take center stage.”

Protagonist Clattenburg – sporting a ‘sweet FA’ referee kit – stares seductively down the lens as he suggestively sprays some vanishing free kick spray, while Peter admires the way the World Cup final referee takes control... followed by some further bubble action courtesy of Crouch. As the ad reaches its crescendo, the two recreate the iconic lift from Dirty Dancing.

Michelle Spillane, brand and marketing director at Paddy Power, said: “It’s a nostalgic romcom-tastic tale of romance, fantasy and our unwavering true love for all parts of football – if Harry Met Sally at a Spurs match.

“The team at Droga5 has ensured that it’s perfectly self-deprecating and although there’s a whole load of Hollywood-style production and magic, what matters is that it is storytelling at its absolute finest. It doesn’t rely on A-list celebs – it’s got Crouch-Power and that’s what resonates with fans more than anything.”

The spot will air on UK TV on the evening of Saturday August 20.


Client: Paddy Power

Brand and marketing director: Michelle Spillane

Brand marketing manager: Patrick Boyce

Head of brand strategy: Leah Spears

Head of sportsbook marketing: James O’Reilly

Brand manager: Natasha Son

Brand executive: Aggie Rabadia

PR manager UK&I: Rachael Kane

PR Agency: Ready 10

Agency: Droga5 London

Chief creative officer: Shelley Smoler

Creative director: Martin Beswick and Ed Redgrave

Art director: Alex Robson

Copywriter: Florence Russell

Head of strategy: Damien Le Castrec

Strategy director: Aaron Harridge

Senior strategist: Rozina Bashir

Agency producer: Ben Catford

Producer: Olly West

Group account director: Oli Morgan

Account director: Dom Kocur

Senior account manager: Matt Brown

Director/production co: Traktor/Stink

Producer: Paz Parasmand

DoP: Dan Bronks

Editor: Rick Russell at Final Cut

Post-production: Nineteentwenty

Sound design: Adam Smyth at String & Tins

Stills photographer: Nick Dolding

Nineteentwenty Credits

Creative director: Bill McNamara

2D VFX supervisor: Ryan Hadfield

2D artists: Rod Norman, Adam McHale, James Russell, Tom Clapp, Rob Lilley, Taylor Webber, Alejandro Marzo, Matt Hutchins, Tijan Holder and Yanru Yin

3D VFX supervisor: Chris King/Mike Farrar

3D artists: Ben Thomas, David Renscenyi, Elena Schurkus, Joe Baker, Lucy Wright, Maria Coca Menchero, Oscar Hill, Adam Gramlick and Danai Rizou

DMP artist: Benita Winckler

AFX artist: Sandra Clua

Colorist: Kai Van Beers

Color assist: Jennifer Kerr

VFX producer: Ross Culligan

Production assistant: Heather Brown

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