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How can brands make the most of the ‘audio renaissance’?


By Sam Anderson | Network Editor

August 18, 2022 | 7 min read

For The Drum’s Deep Dive into all things audio, we sat down with six leading lights from The Drum Network in the sound and sonic branding space to ask one simple question: as the audio renaissance sets in, what should brands be doing to keep up?

A sound board from an audio studio

What one thing should brands do to up their audio game? We asked 6 experts / Denisse Leon via Unsplash

Jody Friedericks, senior vice-president of brand creative, Known: sound’s special place in culture (and our brains)

Sound and music can permeate culture more than anything else your brand does. So think of it as a strategic part of your brand. Just as you do with fonts and colors, put as much effort and strategic thought into what the sound of your brand is. Create that consistency and governance around that consistency, so that no matter where your brand shows up, that part of the brain is being activated to remember and create that emotional connection.

John Campbell, managing director, Rabbit & Pork (part of the Tipi Group)

Imagine the Blade Runner future is here and you can have a conversation with a brand. What would that conversation be about? What would it sound like? What does the brand’s voice sound like? Is it male? Is it female? Is there a gender? Where would that conversation take place – at home? In a hotel room? At the checkout when you’re driving through a KFC?

That future isn’t that far away. The technologies are coming in. So it’s time to think about that conversation with your brand; what it would sound like and what the conversation would be.

Roscoe Williamson, global creative strategy partner, MassiveMusic: invest in a good baseline

Invest in the process that’s required to create your underlying principles for what you should and shouldn’t stand for in the world of sound. So: the types of music you choose to curate; the type of assets that you want to own (your sonic branding); and the type of voice that you choose to have.

Invest in a process with the right partner that gives you a clearly-defined point of view and a governance structure. Then roll that out throughout your organization.

Mark Darlington, head of video, BECG: audio on top

Brands need to bring audio to the front of their thinking. Coming from video myself, it’s an afterthought currently. Putting it at the forefront is very important. With the evolution of smart speakers, and the amount of speakers within a home nowadays, audio is going to be the focal point of the future in marketing. Putting audio first in any of your campaigns is a smart decision.

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Fahmi Mohammed, head of display and performance, Brave Bison: audio can be part of your performance marketing strategy

Podcast and audio strategies can be part of your performance funnel. There are ways of going about it – you just need to be selective with your creative and the sonic branding around it.

Placement is very important too – and, most importantly, being able to embed it within your wider digital marketing plan, rather than just having it as an afterthought. There’s a way of integrating it through different remarketing strategies.

And finally, be strict about measuring effectiveness. There are platforms out there that can allow you to see who has listened to a podcast or radio stream ad, and then what actions have been taken all the way to purchase.

Laura Pia Samide, senior production director, Jellyfish

Think, as a brand, how to engage on a different level with your audience, customers and clients.

Why a podcast, for instance? Perhaps to cast authentic voices and really connect with them on a different level, with a clear value proposition.

When it comes to growing your audience, think more about the female audience. That’s one thing that is still not thought about enough in these strategies.

Check out The Drum’s Audio Deep Dive Hub to keep your ear to the ground on the best work in sonic branding and audio marketing.

Marketing Brand Strategy Business Leadership

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