By Jenni Baker | journalist

August 18, 2022 | 5 min read

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There's still time to enter for The Drum Award for ‘Best Responsible Engagement with Kids & Teens’ at the Digital Industries Awards 2022, which highlights the importance of engaging with this audience and why brands need to get creative.

Kids aren’t afraid of failing and neither should the brands trying to work with them

SuperAwesome shares best practice for engaging with kids and teens responsibly in the online space

For a brand to engage successfully and responsibly with kids and teens, they need to have a distinct strategy, be super creative, speak to them directly and authentically, and be experimental.

That's according to Kate O’Loughlin, chief operating officer at SuperAwesome, who notes that kids and teens are eager to try new things and that brands should adopt a similar mindset.

To celebrate the most innovative, creative and safe approaches to captivate and entertain them, SuperAwesome has partnered with The Drum for the second year to launch the Award for ‘Best Responsible Digital Engagement with Kids & Teens’ at this year’s Digital Industries Awards.

“We’re at a really cool intersection of creativity and responsibility, and new channels like the metaverse,” says O’Loughlin. “Gaming is the number one hobby of kids and teens these days; they are the first movers in the metaverse and gaming experiences – so we know there’s a lot of great ideas out there to focus on and feature. There are many ways in which you can safely and appropriately engage with this audience – and we want to highlight that.”

The free-to-enter category will reward a brand product or campaign that meets the entry criteria of creativity and innovation, and that accounts for the digital safety and well-being of young audiences. It will recognize brands, agencies and businesses with responsible engagement strategies in place to keep kids and teens safe online and help make the internet a safer place for them to play.

Watch the full interview above for more inspiration and if you have a campaign or product that fits the criteria for ‘Best Responsible Digital Engagement with Kids & Teens’, enter your work here.

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SuperAwesome is making the internet safer for young audiences. The company’s technology enables safe, compliant digital engagement with kids and Young Teens around the world. SuperAwesome is used by hundreds of brands and thousands of developers to enable over 12.5B kid-safe transactions every month. Founded in 2013, the company was acquired by Epic Games in 2020.

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