By Taruka Srivastava | Freelance journalist

August 17, 2022 | 1 min read

Tidying expert Marie Kondo and actor Keegan-Michael Key are putting the spotlight on the extra storage being provided by Google One in its latest campaign.

Cloud service Google One is now offering users VPN, premium Meet features and photo editing tools, and the brand wanted to highlight these aspects.

In the campaign, executed by Omelet, Keegan plays a user with the free 15GB of storage offered by every Google Account, but then gets frustrated when he receives the Google photos warning about being out of space.

Marie Kondo intervenes and tells him that instead of deleting important pictures, he can subscribe to Google One instead.

Both protagonists are shown entering an imaginary Google One virtual space and touring through Keegan’s collection of photos.

Kondo explains: “Save everything that sparks joy with Google One.”

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