By Amy Houston | Reporter

August 11, 2022 | 2 min read

Heinz recently released an ad campaign where it asked a machine-learning program to draw ketchup, all of which mysteriously looked like its own brand of tomato sauce. Now a freelance creative has issued a witty (and unofficial) response on behalf of Hellmann’s.

After Heinz asked a bot to sketch the sauce, Brooklyn-based creative Stephen Paul Wright produced a witty reply.

He asked why should ketchup get all the condiment glory?

"I thought the ad’s use of the DALL-E technology was clever and I was inspired to play with it myself," said Wright. "But, when I tried to re-create the Heinz ketchup images I found the A.I. required a lot more prompting than just the word ‘ketchup’. The ketchup images I generated were all over the place, comically so."

The fun project used the same tech as Heinz, with the results showing some heavily orchestrated images featuring mayo on things. It concludes that when it comes to mayo, it’s best to keep it real.

Wright isn’t associated with any ad agency, or Hellmann’s at all, and has released the creative project purely on his social media channels.

Wright continues: "I thought it would be amusing to highlight the hit and miss nature of AI image generation by creating a parody featuring AI renderings of ‘mayonnaise’."

The Drum interviewed the agency behind the Heinz campaign – you can read it here.

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