By John Glenday, Reporter

August 11, 2022 | 2 min read

A degradable UV light poster is opening the eyes of audiences to the dangers posed by unprotected exposure to sunlight as the mercury rises – even when it’s cloudy.

Amid another UK heatwave, Melanoma UK has partnered with Leith to raise awareness of the damage wrought by high-intensity light on exposed skin.

The team has crafted an outdoor campaign where the poster is the message, employing specialist UV paper that burns and pigments from extended exposure, with only the printed plea to stay sun safe coated in sunscreen.

Bearing messages such as ‘UV exposure has a hidden consequence’ and ‘If you’re exposed to as much UV as this poster, you’re increasing your risk of skin cancer,’ the curt campaign has been necessitated by rising instances of skin cancer. There are now 16,000 diagnoses every year, with 86% of cases considered preventable by using sunscreen.

John McPartland, Leith’s creative director for health, said: “With the changing environment making heatwaves more common, the risk of melanoma has never been higher. However, the risks of melanoma don’t just exist during heatwaves. We wanted to not only highlight the dangers UV poses, but show the protection that sunscreen can offer against it.”

Diana Cannon, corporate partnership director at Melanoma UK, added: “This quirky and creative campaign with Leith highlights the dangers that UV radiation can pose when least expected. Sunburn doesn’t just happen abroad or on sunny days – the sun is often strong enough in the UK to damage your skin, even if it’s cold or cloudy. It is still possible to enjoy being outside, but we need to take steps to prevent the chance of skin cancer from occurring, especially as the risk of melanoma is set to increase due to global warming. Find a sunscreen that you like, make it your new BFF and wear it every day.”

The campaign will roll out across outdoor spaces nationwide, supported by social.

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