By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

August 10, 2022 | 3 min read

Today (August 10) marks the 90th birthday of the Danish toy brand Lego. While the Danish giant celebrates its big moments, The Drum looks back at the best ads produced by the beloved brand.

Established in 1932, carpenter Ole Kirk Kristiansen began making high-quality wooden toys for children. Named after the Danish phrase ‘leg godt,’ which means ‘play well,’ the entrepreneur’s intent was to create items that were fun but also educational.

Fast forward nine decades and the Lego brand is one of the most recognizable children’s toy companies in the world, and a media company in its own right.

The Drum looks back at some of Lego’s most memorable campaigns throughout the years.

Kipper by TBWA (1981)

This early 80s ad was one of the brand’s first ‘brickfilms’ that would become a dependable content stream from Lego. Voiced by Roger Kitter impersonating comedian Tommy Cooper, the spot features numerous clashes – dog v cat, elephant v mouse, submarine v kipper – all of which are built from the toys. It was voted #88 in The Drum’s best ads ever list.

Zack the Lego Maniac (1988)

This ultra retro spot gets a place on the list for its catchy synth-heavy theme song alone. With lyrics including, ‘in Lego land, he’ll rock and roll, he’s Lego wild, out of control,’ viewers get a feel for young Zack’s Lego obsession.

Inspire Imagination and Keep Building by Union Made Creative (2014)

Throwing aside gender stereotypes, this ad hoped to motivate more young girls to get creative with Lego bricks. The brand had been criticized in the past for aiming its marketing efforts toward boys.

Rebuild the World by BETC (2019)

This ad from a few years back oozes creativity and imagination. It features a rabbit running through a town while being chased by a hunter. Making changes to his surroundings as he runs, the rabbit is able to duck and dive out of harm’s way.

What it is is beautiful (1981/2021)


To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the ‘What it is is beautiful’ print ad, Lego launched an updated campaign in support of International Women’s Day. It was designed to ‘encourage and champion today’s young women on their journey to becoming the decision makers, role models and changemakers of the future – whatever their interests, passions or career aspirations may be.’

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