By Kendra Clark | Senior Reporter

August 9, 2022 | 4 min read

The popular freelancer platform is shifting its focus to larger businesses with a new multinational advertising push.

Fiverr has bigger aspirations for bigger business customers. Today, it unveiled a new campaign to endorse the platform’s merits for various large business-to-business (B2B) applications. The move represents a divergence from the platform’s previous marketing strategy, which has largely targeted individuals and small businesses.

The campaign, dubbed ‘Team Up,’ aims to tap into a growing trend in business that combines the efforts of internal teams with independent contractors and freelancers. In fact, Fiverr’s own proprietary research found that 64% of larger companies have increased their investments in independent talent since the onset of the pandemic.

This data is underscored by a recent survey conducted by Deloitte in conjunction with MIT Sloane Business Management, which revealed that 74% of today’s business leaders believe that effective management of external talent including freelancers is crucial to the success of an organization.

“For over a decade, Fiverr has been a one-stop shop for small business owners to find everything they need to build and grow their businesses,” Matt Clunan, the company’s head of brand and digital, tells The Drum. “But as the way we work continues to shift, larger businesses are realizing the benefits that working with independent freelance talent can have on their business and their bottom line. Working with freelancers allows them to prioritize flexibility, speed and agility. It allows them to scale their teams as needed based on specific projects and market demands.”

Fiverr, according to Clunan, envisions a future of work that sees full-time, in-house talent working in conjunction with external, freelance workers. “It’s already happening,” he notes.

‘Team Up’ casts Fiverr as the ideal means by which to source and manage external talent – not just for startups, but for big corporations too. In a 60-second hero spot, viewers see a bustling office where employees are throwing a going-away party for Marco. But Marco – whose smiling face is splashed across a meticulously-decorated cake – is nowhere in sight. It soon becomes clear that Marco is a remote freelance web developer that the company hired via Fiverr to redo its website. They’re so pleased with his work that they’re throwing him a farewell party.

“This campaign demonstrates how larger businesses should think about integrating freelancers into their workforce – both from a work perspective but also a cultural perspective,” Clunan says. “And it positions Fiverr as the platform with the collaboration tools, productivity tools, communication tools and infrastructure to allow them to effectively do so.”

In particular, Fiverr aims to promote its Talent Cloud, a solution designed to help organizations scale their teams with ease.

The campaign was concepted by Fiverr’s in-house marketing team and executed with help from independent freelancers sourced directly from the Fiverr platform. In fact, talent hired through Fiverr helped to provide a range of services including storyboarding, translation and voiceovers.

“We’re excited for this expansion of our target audience – to include larger businesses – and to see how these companies take advantage of this growing freelance workforce, especially during times of economic uncertainty,” said Fiverr’s chief marketing officer Gali Arnon in a statement shared with The Drum.

In addition to the hero film, a range of other short-form videos and creative assets will be rolled out, which will be adapted for both performance and acquisition efforts. The campaign will roll out in local markets in the US, the UK, Australia, Germany, Spain and France. To add to the fun, Fiverr is also sending out a handful of cakes to top Fiverr freelancers – adorned with their faces – to thank them for their hard work.

The campaign adds to a growing trend that sees ad budgets increasingly allocated to B2B efforts. In fact, B2B ad spend is now set to surpass $30bn by next year. Major B2B brands including LinkedIn, ClickUp, Salesforce, Commercetools, Squarespace and Intuit Quickbooks have all launched major ad campaigns this year, many of which reflect flashy and funny B2C-style marketing tactics and even feature A-list celebrities.

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