By John Glenday | Reporter

August 2, 2022 | 2 min read, the online car retailer owned by Lithia Motors, is transporting customers from the gray reality of traffic and tarmac to a series of fantastical worlds to grab the attention of motorists.

The nationwide campaign depicts people trading vehicles in a variety of unlikely locales, including one comfortable customer reclining on a giant sleeping feline.

Product of the febrile minds at creative agency Bruiser and production house Fancy, the broadcast and social campaign presents audiences with a variety of unorthodox settings to show how effortless and chilled-out buying and selling a vehicle can be.

Other iterations of the dream-like spot include a surfer showing off her multitasking skills by shopping for a vehicle while riding the crest of a wave.

Fancy Content | Driveway - Wave from Hype Communications on Vimeo.

Another outlandish sketch sees a harpist wax lyrical about Driveway from another forest-bound happy place.

Fancy Content | Driveway - Harpist from Hype Communications on Vimeo.

Marguerite Celeste, chief marketing officer at Lithia Motors, said: “Today’s car buyer expects to purchase a vehicle on their own time, on their own terms, and from wherever, whenever and however they are most comfortable. Driveway exists to provide this exact experience. We are excited to partner with the creative minds at Bruiser and Fancy to bring this promise to life and in the most memorable way possible.”

Despite being the second largest automotive retailer in the US, this represents Driveway’s first attempt to build a national consumer brand.

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