By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

August 1, 2022 | 2 min read

Vodafone Italy has tapped András Arató of ‘Hide the pain Harold’ meme fame for its latest digital video ad campaign.

In ‘Vodafone Happy,’ viewers see Arató in various super annoying situations such as his sweaty office, where he’s been tasked with looking after his boss’s plant, and standing beside his car, which is in the process of being stolen. In true ‘hide the pain’ fashion, he keeps on grinning throughout.

The campaign, created by We Are Social, hopes to make Vodafone customers aware of its points scheme where there are many prizes to be won, including a trip to Dubai, a new Mini fully electric car and an L5 laser TV.

Arató, the 77-year-old former Hungarian engineer, rose to internet fame back in 2011 when his stock modeling photos went viral. They also depicted him in various situations with a look of suppressed discomfort on his face.

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