By Amy Houston | Senior Reporter

July 29, 2022 | 2 min read

Did you know in Portugal around 120 dogs are abandoned every single day? To address this, Havas Lisbon has teamed up with animal organization Animallife to raise awareness of the dire situation.

In ‘The Walk’ viewers see a dog owner lying on the sofa watching TV. His pet dog starts to jump up and bark, and it becomes apparent he wants to go out. Frustratedly, the man gets up and puts a lead on the dog, and they head out together into the dark night.

As jaunty music plays in the background, the duo set off on their escapade, but it is not a peaceful stroll as Archie the dog is in a hurry. Leading his owner down various dark alleyways, the dog eventually runs off into a nearby forest.

Frantically searching for his dog, the man becomes desperate and scared, as he is lost and all alone in the wooded area. He lies down on the grass, shaking as his companion is nowhere to be found.

It is then revealed to be a role reversal-type spot, highlighting the horrible range of emotions pets go through when abandoned.

Bruno Ferreira worked as director on the ad with Casper Films taking on production. The campaign is part of the pro-bono work undertaken at Havas.

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