By Amy Houston | Reporter

July 29, 2022 | 3 min read

Looking to drive more support for women’s football, Snickers and creative agency The&Partnership have dropped a spot that hopes to encourage genuine backing for England’s Lionesses.

In ’Go Full Fan’, viewers see a footie lover enter the pub wearing a comically cropped version of the England jersey, his hairy belly on display. As the man starts to scoff at the women’s football game playing on the TV, the words ‘You’re only a full fan if you support the Lionesses too’ flash across the screen. With the message sinking in – and with the help of a Snickers bar – he gets onboard and his shirt once again fills out.


“England fans are notoriously patriotic and proud – it’s not a hobby, it’s a way of life,” said Christina Fusco-House, strategist at The&Partnership. “But this only really applies when it comes to supporting the men’s side, with less than half supporting women’s football.

“Since telling them they were giving less than 100% to their passion was unlikely to go down well, our message had to be encouraging and entertaining to spring their mental offside trap. By speaking to them as they pined for the Premier League and followed England Men at Molineux, triggering pride for their local teams and challenging their footballing knowledge we will inspire an army of ‘Full Fans’ to watch our Lionesses bring it home.’’

To coincide with the launch, a myth-busting series of gifs across various social media platforms will challenge England fans to confront their automatic gender bias.

Chloe Smith, senior brand manager at Snickers, added: “From missing or being late to the birth of a child or a flight abroad as a result of watching football, we know that England is a nation of passionate football fans. However, we know you can’t call yourself a ‘full fan’ if you don’t support both the women’s and men’s football teams.“

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