By John Glenday, Reporter

July 22, 2022 | 2 min read

All-electric motorsport brand Formula E and humanitarian organization Unicef have turned to Hollywood star Tom Hiddleston to help thrust climate change into the limelight.

Shot without a single cut to represent an unbroken train of thought, the ’Take a Breath’ film has been produced by creative agency Wing to show that clean air and a clear head go hand in hand.

Highlighting the importance of pollution-free air for children, the campaign is born out of Unicef research suggesting that 600,000 children aged five and under will die due to air pollution this year – a figure that could rise to 900,000 by 2050 if emissions continue unchecked.

Wing director Will Ingham said: ”We conceived the art gallery backdrop for this campaign to underpin the power of clean air and thought, allowing the viewer to truly take a breath while watching the film and consider the harsh reality of clean air in cities but also the positive move towards progress. We decided to capture this in one shot so we could deliver a fluid and uninterrupted train of thought. Having the talent of Tom Hiddleston as our lead meant that we could truly land the message in its purest form.”

The online video and social media activity build toward a panel discussion at an innovation summit hosted by Formula E at which representatives from government, sports and education will come together to discuss ways of decarbonizing urban areas.

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